Thank you!


Many, meaning competitors, judges and spectators, who were at the IWT2014 at Flyndersoe have given us very positive feedback from the event. Thank you very much for the kind words. There are some photos on this site, and more will follow, but others have also done a great documentary job in terms of very nice photos. For more photos you might want to see here

Some of the photos from the IWT2014 weekend have now been uploaded, click the submenus under “Photo galleries”. More photos will come and more photos will be issued with captions.

All results


– can be downloaded from this page.

Thank you for coming

IWT2014 is now finished. It has been a marvellous experience for us and though it has been a lot of hard work, it was three great days with old and new friends, lots of fun and joy. We want to thank everybody who was here. First of all we would like to thank our sponsors, Firedog dummies/, Prof.Dog dog food, Famous Grouse whisky, Siccaro wet-dog-covers, Rieker shoes, Carletti sweets and chocolates, the Danish Kennel Club and the long list of Danish breeders. Then we would like to thank all the voluntary helpers, who made things happen smoothly and efficiently and last but not least, all of you who contributed to making IWT2014 a very special memory.

The Danish Retriever Club The organizing committee

The IWT2014 is now at an end, and we are waiting for the result…

A pdf with Saturday’s results for each competitor can be downloaded as pdf now. Results_day1

All 108 dogs have now completed the 7 stations of the wonderful first day of the IWT2014.

See a few of the many photos from today here. More will follow…

Please look for the the large sign and the driveway with all nations flags on Herningvej. Do not use other entrances. Follow the sign to the IWT area.

The number of dinner reservations for both Friday and Saturday evenings are absoutely overwhelming. We are thrilled to announce that none fewer than 110 retriever enthusiasts will be dining at Flyndersø Camping site on Friday and over 200! on Saturday. It’s going to be great!!

Starting lists


The draw for starting numbers have now been completed and the starting lists can be downloaded from here. (pdf)



Unfortunately due to an injured dog, the Ungarian team 1 – last years winning team, have cancelled their trip to Denmark. Also the Austrian team 1 have sadly had to cancel their participation. The following reserve teams from the list of free teams are replacing the two teams: Team FT and team Golden Surprise.